Come Fly With Me... Cabaret


An exciting mixed bill  presented by Les Femmes and friends. There's something for everyone, with winks in all directions.


"Come Fly With Me is a charming, cheeky dose of spectacle hosted by Les Femmes Circus."

"First up on pole with a superbly athletic, polished routine that kicks off rather adorably with her prepping her pole on stage. Pulling her poses with expert timing and confidence, this is a very sexy routine. It's the act that pushed the show to the raunchy side of family circus and there was a lot appreciation for her in the room."

A "fabulous evening of old time show girls and boys." - Broadwaybaby



Les Femmes Circus Show -


With an aesthetic based in the 1950s, our full length show uses comedy and manipulation to create a world where circus is the norm, playing with fear, love and fantasy, and revealing how fun it can be to misbehave.


Fierce and full of power, we connect with our audiences – and to do so not only by performing tricks, but by telling a story, revealing our feelings, and allowing the audience to fully experience the performance, both visually and emotionally.


"Les Femmes’ act is 1950s themed, which adds a touch of glamour mixed with cheekiness to the performance." - Brighton Mums


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Shorter Length Performances

The show can also be broken down into shorter length stand alone
pieces, for use in cabarets, festivals and corporate events etc.


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